Becca Parrish of BeccaPR Joins WITS Board

“The opportunity to affect lives is real.”

By Mallory Stellato

We are proud to officially welcome Becca Parrish, Founder and CEO of Becca, a creative marketing agency, to the Wellness in the Schools Board of Directors after years of support. Becca is the gold standard when it comes to restaurant public relations, and Parrish’s extensive experience in marketing and partnerships makes her a natural and valuable fit to our Board. The following is a lightly edited interview with Parrish on telling the stories of NYC chefs and what she’s looking forward to in 2018.

WITS: Please give a description of your current work and why you entered the public relations space.

BP: We tell stories about people we believe in — people, places and things we champion so those experiences can be discovered, shared and enjoyed. I started my company because I love telling stories, and finding talent. I’m an enthusiast, really.

WITS: What got you interested in restaurants, food, and finally food issues?

BP: My love of food got me into restaurants, and the theatre of restaurants kept me there. I’ve always been a hearty eater, a lover of every kind of food. I grew up in northwest Florida, and we had a huge vegetable garden in our backyard. We ate from the garden year-round, freezing the zucchinis, squash, green beans (we pickled a ton), sugar snaps – so much good food. The record number of various produce on our dining table from the garden was 17. I didn’t realize until I was much older what a luxury that was. And once I started working in the food business, and I got some perspective on the disparity between the abundance of food in restaurants and the insecurity of food for families in the city and the country — I wanted to find ways to get involved, educate myself, and help make a difference.

WITS: Why did you decide to join the WITS Board of Directors?

BP: I want to use my marketing experience, skills and contacts to help an organization that I believe in grow and prosper. I want to learn more about the challenges the cooks and coaches face in the field. Ultimately, I want to help kids eat better, feel better – to love and appreciate the power of good food, as it’s the basis of a good life.

WITS: What are you excited for in 2018?

BP: I’m excited that women are demanding that their voices be heard. And that people are actually listening.

WITS: Any new year traditions?

BP: More spontaneous dance parties!

WITS: What is one thing that excites you about our work?

BP: How deeply needed WITS is. The opportunity to affect lives is real. What’s more exciting than that?

WITS: What are your favorite ways to stay active?

BP: Walk around our amazing city. Hop on a Citi Bike every chance I get. Take yoga. Hike upstate. Dance as much as possible.

Photo credit: Melanie Dunea