Advisory Board

Meet our Advisory Board.
What we don’t know is greater than what we do, so we collaborate with this team of experts.

  • Ann Brashares
    Bestselling Author

  • Kirsten Brashares
    Co-founder of Wellness in the Schools

  • Kwame M. Brown, PhD
    Professor of Psychology, Hampton University; Founder, Principal at Move Theory

  • Yadiera M. Brown, MD
    CareMount Medical

  • August Cardona
    Principal, Epicurean Group

  • Hilda Chazanovitz
    Founder, Hilda Chazanovitz & Company

  • Richard E. Clark
    Founder and Managing Director of Zentropy Ventures, LLC

  • Maria Daou
    Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Warburg Realty

  • Sybil Dessau
    Television Producer, Fawlty Productions

  • Billy Doniger
    Private Investor

  • Chef Robert Graham, MD, MPH

  • Carol Han
    Founder and Managing Partner, CA Creative

  • Kate Hillis
    Principal, Leroy and Clarkson

  • Erica Huss
    Co-Founder, Earth & Star

  • Mitra Jerald
    VP of Commercial Strategy, Turner Latin America

  • Mike Klein
    Managing Director at McKenna Long Aldridge LLP

  • Benjamin Kligler
    Associate Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Vice-Chair/Research Director, Beth Israel Hospital

  • Wendy Kopp
    Founder, Teach for America; CEO, Teach for All

  • Roland Lafontant
    Athletic Director/Squash Pro, Harmonie Club; Squash Coach, The Browning School

  • Jenifer Lang
    Food journalist and author

  • Cathie Levine
    Founder, Morningside Strategies; Executive Coach and Communications Strategist

  • Betty Lopez-Towey
    Educator and Co-Founder, AmPark School, PS 344; Faculty Member of Veriditas the World Wide Labyrinth Project

  • Camilla Marcus
    Entrepreneur; Founder of west~bourne; Co-Founder of TechTable

  • Havilah Mann
    Fractional CFO; Accounting Infrastructure & Governance Expert

  • Caitlin McNiff
    PS 87 Parent

  • John McNiff
    Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Graticule Asset Management Asia

  • Jeff Morrison, M.D., CNS
    Practicing physician and founder of The Morrison Center for Integrative Medicine

  • Sarah Natchez
    General Manager, Super Soccer Stars

  • Andrew Nipon
    Principal, Spencer + Nipon

  • Kari Ostrem
    Math Teacher, Vanguard High School

  • Becca Parrish
    Founder, Becca PR

  • Joy Pierson
    Co-Owner/Nutritionist, Candle Cafe

  • Janet Poppendieck
    Senior Fellow, CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute

  • Michael R. Reese
    Managing Partner, Reese LLP

  • Sharon Richter
    Registered Dietitian, The Richter Reco

  • Anthony Romero
    Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union

  • Lisa Saul
    Founder, Nourish Guru

  • Paula Seefeldt
    Co-Coordinator of L.I.L.Y.; Co-Founder of Field to Fuel; Co-owner of restaurants in Charlotte, DC, and NYC

  • Greg Sheindlin
    Sheindlin & Sullivan, LLP

  • Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD
    Integrative pediatric neurologist; herbalist; urban farmer; naturalist; terrain doctor; mother

  • Jennifer Allan Soros
    Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation

  • Jonathan Allan Soros
    Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation

  • Rachel Tore
    Co-founder of Wellness in the Schools; Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Elly Truesdell
    Founder & Managing Partner, New Fare

  • Jenna Wolfe
    TV Journalist; Lifestyle and Fitness Expert

  • Patti Trainor-Wrazej
    Nurse Midwife

  • Tim Zagat
    ZAGAT Guide