WITS listens closely to the needs of our district and supports in ways that help us achieve our common mission to feed our city in a delicious and nutritious way.

Christopher Tricarico, Senior Executive Director of NYC DOE Office of Food and Nutrition Services

Our Vision
To eliminate obesity related diseases that begin in childhood.


Our Mission
Wellness in the Schools is a national non-profit that teaches kids healthy habits to learn and live better. 


We partner with school districts to provide nutrition and fitness education, healthy scratch-cooked meals, and active recess periods. Our approach improves student outcomes and drives systemic, long-term change, shifting school cultures. We believe that the most impactful approach to adopting new behaviors and creating systems change combines education in the classroom and at recess with training in the cafeterias to cement access, interest, and enjoyment in healthier habits for life.

Our Cook for Kids program helps feed kids real food, transforming the cafeteria menu and making the classroom a fun and encouraging space to learn about nutrition. Our Coach for Kids program helps let kids play and be more active throughout the school day. Our Green for Kids program helps get kids green through environmental sustainability education and hands-on gardening experience.


Over one-third of children under the age of 18 in the United States are affected by childhood obesity, with higher prevalence in BIPOC populations. Children spend about 12,000 hours in school between kindergarten and high school graduation, making schools the ideal environment to shape their wellness behavior.

In the United States, 22 million children rely on free or reduced-price lunch each year, making it crucial that these school-lunch programs are nutritious, and that recess is active. Our programming efforts honor the inherent resilience and self-sufficiency of communities facing social inequality and injustice.