People talking to people is how change happens.

    • 2006

    One plate at a time. We begin our work in one classroom, feeding 16 children, at
    The Ella Baker School in NYC (PS 225).

    • 2007

    WITS officially launches Cook for Kids in 3 schools across NYC.

    • 2008

    8 schools, 3 boroughs and growing.

    • 2009

    Go big or go home. WITS expands to 19 schools in NYC!

    • 2010

    To end childhood obesity, we need to get kids moving. We launch Coach for Kids in 4 schools and continue to Cook for Kids in 27 schools.

    • 2011

    We dive in for change and pilot our national expansion in rural Kentucky in 12 schools thanks to Save the Children. In NYC Cook for Kids is in 30 schools; and Coach for Kids in 9 schools.

    • 2012

    We dive deeper and begin our pilot in the Sunshine State. We Cook for Kids in 2 schools in Florida and in 43 schools in NYC. In one year, Coach for Kids expands 50% to 18 schools in NYC.

    • 2013

    With 20% growth, we now reach 52 schools in NYC.

    • 2014

    61 schools, over 30,000 happy and healthy children every single day.

    • 2015

    At the 10 year mark, all three programs are up and running and WITS is impacting over 35,000 students. We Cook for Kids in 75 schools, Coach for Kids in 29 schools and Get Kids Green in 13 schools.

    • 2016

    From the Empire State to the Sunshine State, Golden and Garden States, WITS is in 100 schools nationwide, impacting 50,000 children daily.

    • 2017

    With three new implementation models – Flagship, BootCamp and Workshop – WITS continues to fight childhood obesity in over 120 schools, serving more than 60,000 children.

    • 2018

    WITS is diving deep in our 4 main markets (NY, FL, CA, NJ), with solid models of implementation, reaching over 65,000 children in 135 schools nationwide.

    • 2019

    Now established in our nation’s capital through a partnership with D.C. Public Schools, WITS’ presence continues to grow as we serve over 95,000 children in 190 schools. 

    • 2020

    Despite not being able to work with our students in-person due to COVID-19, we continue to work closely with our schools through our remote online learning platform, featuring pre-recorded, live and blended fitness and nutrition content.


    • 2021

    We are back in person in 4 markets, including a new California District, San Rafael. Counting our Flagship programming plus CookCamps/BootCamps, Workshops, and Alumni Schools, we are back reaching 86,000 children in 172 schools. 

    • 2022

    Our markets continue to grow to 4 districts in California, 2 in Florida, 2 in NJ, and new schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, NYC. With our programming, workshops, and alumni schools, we are reaching 95,000 students across 190 schools. 

    • 2023

    Wellness in the Schools programming is having the largest growth in the 2023-24 school year since our start. We are growing our reach to 600 NYC school buildings! In combination with our other markets in New Jersey, Florida, California, and DC, that brings our reach to over 300,000 students across 1,000 schools.