Participating Schools

Programs like these have been shown to positively influence children’s food preferences and behaviors.

Morris HS Farm, Bronx, NY

WITS National Program Director Marion Williams was asked by the New York Botanical Gardens Bronx Green-up program 5 years ago to bring a piece of Wellness in the Schools to Morris Campus Farm, a collaborative effort between students, teachers, administrations, and educators. Morris HS Farm is a creation of agriculture and food education, teaching students how to build a sustainable food source and teaching the community how to harvest to best utilize fresh produce. With an amazing urban production farm in the works, students needed a missing element: cooking and nutrition education. 

Enter WITS! We created a customized “Train the Trainer” Harvest Cooking lesson for the high school students. Cook for Kids Chefs give food safety lessons, practical kitchen hacks, and chef secrets to quick cooking outside, along with nutrition information while visiting the gardens. With so much interest, we were encouraged to come back over the summers to engage students in these fun, informative lessons. Students gain leadership, mentoring skills, and a confidence boost to go into the community and teach local gardeners what they now know about cooking, planting, and harvesting food.