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Recess feels safer and I have more fun. Last year I never looked forward to recess. Now I do.

Student, PS 75

PS 70, Bronx, NY

This is the second year PS 70x has received WITS programming and it has proven to be the perfect formula for a beautiful success story. The most important component to a perfect WITS success story is a school in need, a school leader who is ready and excited for change, and Principal Ledda is and has been exactly that! We have a stellar WITS team in PS 70 but without a supportive leader and an incredible school staff, the positive changes in the school would have taken a little longer. In a short time, the school’s wellness culture has been rejuvenated, feeling energized as soon as one enters the school.


Last year with the support of Principle Ledda, WITS Coach Naika and Chef Morgan collaborated in the classrooms to teach WITS BITS and WITS FIT BITS, effortlessly combining nutrition and fitness education while increasing students’ daily physical activity. Coach Naika also conducted a successful Professional Development workshop for the School Recess Aides, teaching them how to facilitate a more engaging, active, and safe recess experience for their students. Since then, the team of Recess Aides look forward to recess with confidence! And with Coach Naika’s support during recess, it’s a fun group effort creating a consistent positive expectation for the students to look forward to every day.


This year, Wellness in the Schools hosted an amazing Family Fitness Fun Night during PS 70’s Black History Month Event in February which brought fun, movement, and healthy dinner to hundreds of students and families in the community. WITS Coaches Errol, Daniel, and Keyla led activities in the gym, Yogi Beans led yoga classes and Zumba Kids classes were conducted to music. Everyone left with a delicious and nutritious Chop’t salad, and with having a shared evening of fitness as a community.

Wellness in the Schools is beyond excited to work together to create healthy habits to live and learn better, together!


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