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Recess feels safer and I have more fun. Last year I never looked forward to recess. Now I do.

Student, PS 75

PS 160, Queens, NYC

Leadership makes all the difference when it comes to the impact our programs can make, and Principal Hicks sets the tone for greatness in her school. She sets us up for success by getting everybody, the teachers, students, and parents on board with the goals we set. Because of this, PS 160 has led the way on our new Coach pilot winning the competition in NYC for the most consistent classroom participation. WITS Chef Kisha is a household name in this school and a piece of the fabric of this school. The culture of wellness is felt in every classroom, the cafeteria, and the inspiring engagement by both the students and teachers in every aspect of our educational model. PS 160 is the perfect model for how to make a difference and Wellness in the Schools is proud to work with this community. 

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