WITS Chefs Move to Broward Schools

The Chefs Move to Schools movement is alive and well, and we are taking it to new levels in South Florida this year. After a solid year of partnership with Broward County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services, this year we have collaborated on a plan to leverage our growing list of chef partners to introduce students to new healthy and delicious recipes.

Once a month, one of our chef partners will join the Broward County school cooks to prepare and serve a healthy recipe at lunch time. By the end of the school year, ten chefs will have participated in these special WITS Cafe Days, each using a different recipe on the federal procurement list. The objective is to test out these recipes and to implement them on the school lunch menu. Eventually, we will incorporate all recipes onto a new menu and train more cooks in order to to provide more children with scratch-cooked, delicious lunches.

WITS Chefs Move to Broward Schools kicked off in October with Miami Chef Michael Schwartz. The Genuine Hospitality Group prepared his kale pizza on October 16 at McNicol Middle School, and on October 18 at Watkins Elementary. Chef Clark Bowen of DB Bistro Moderne will follow with a black bean and plantain quesadilla, and Chef Aaron Brooks of Edge Steak & Bar will unveil the famous WITS vegetarian chili in December. In the spring, local chefs will each choose a month to continue the momentum begun in the fall.

This year, we have made a big leap in Miami-Dade County, as well. The main victory? Roasting vegetables. After a year of forging relationships and gaining trust through training, Florida Program Director Allyce Perret-Gentil reported that the schools have received the green light to begin serving roasted vegetables on the lunch line. She has remarked that “this small act of roasting vegetables is making change at home.” Giving kids access to vegetables cooked in different ways increases their chances of trying them. “Food has become more of a family subject, and children are encouraging their parents to cook more,” said Allyce.

These new developments in our Florida chapter are opening more opportunities to train, teach, empower, and create change through food.