WITS instructs over 20,000 hours
of play in one school year alone.

Our flagship WITS Play program operates on public school recess yards. WITS Coaches, trained fitness professionals, lead interactive games and activities for all skill levels, inspiring even the least active kids to move. Coaches teach students pro-social behaviors, like respect and teamwork, aiming to reduce conflicts and bullying. We make recess an active, fun, and safe environment for all students.

In our Coach for Kids program, we strive to:

  • Actively engage all children in healthy, fun, physical activity.
  • Prevent playground conflicts and bullying.
  • Encourage participation and team building activities among School Aides.
  • Host WITS Play Days and foster engagement with Fitness Partners.

Coach.WITS Play2

WITS Play Days
Throughout the year, we offer WITS Play Days, unique activity days where WITS Coaches and WITS Fitness Partners teach students new games and fitness skills. These experiences engage students in the recess yard, encouraging even the least active kids to play in a safe and encouraging environment.