You and Wellness in the Schools have
become a part of our culture.

Principal Abner, Charles R. Drew K-8 Center, Dade County, FL

BootCamp is an intensive, up-front training for school aides. BootCamp works on a district level and includes a year of hands-on follow-up training and ongoing network support.

Teachers and recess aides learn the tools and skills needed to maximize the time allotted for recess, reduce bullying, and increase physical activity levels for their students. These tools provide more opportunities for movement by creating a healthy recess environment and experience. WITS Coaches, trained fitness professionals, work alongside school staff to introduce strategies such as “How to Create a Play Station,” “Fostering Pro-Social Behaviors,” “Managing Spaces for Play,” and “How to Lead WITS FIT BITS.” Students have more opportunities for play and learn positive behaviors like respect and teamwork, which carry into the classroom.