Move for Kids

Physical activity is important for achieving
proper energy balance, which is needed to
prevent or reverse obesity.

M.O.V.E. for Kids: Make Opportunity to Vibe and Energize is a short and effective virtual class that teachers can use as a strategic fitness break to help increase students’ movement throughout the day. This ten-minute activity burst can help kids focus and learn better in the classroom. WITS Coaches manage a portfolio of schools to ensure success and to engage the communities through healthy competition and contests. 

Classes include a warm-up and cool-down that messages how the activity, movement, and breathwork will help them focus and learn better for the rest of the day. Categories of classes include meditation/breathing/focus/stretch (like yoga), high-energy physical activities (like Zumba and hip hop dance), and sport/game-focused skills (like strength training and basketball drills).  


Coach.Power Play.