NY Jets Quincy Williams Joins WITS for a Play Day


“Workout whenever,” says Quincy Williams of the New York Jets. In his Exos t-shirt and sunglasses, Williams spent the day doing just that: celebrating a WITS Play Day at CS 55 in the Bronx with the whole community of students and parents. 

WITS Play Days bring fun movement to everybody, making healthy habits like exercise enjoyable and memorable. WITS Coaches and Fitness Partners host a special activity day designed to teach kids positive play, athletic skills, and sportsmanship. Even in the hot summer sun, everyone had a great time learning and moving! 

As Einstein once said, “Play is the highest form of research.” Whether children are playing a sport or just a fun game, there is no better place for children to develop stronger social-emotional skills and confidence, emotionally and physically. Highlights of the day were relay races, capture the flag, and hula-hooping. Adults and kids alike enjoyed the crawling mats, racing around the playground with so much enthusiasm. To complement the physical activity (and high temperature!), WITS set up a hydration station with water and plenty of fresh fruit. This helped bring even more wellness to the day, reminding everyone to stay hydrated and enjoy all the watermelon in the world during summer days like these. 

The power of partnership brought together this fabulous event over the summer. Noelle Peart, Head of DEI at Exos exclaimed excitement over “spending some time with some great kids in their summer program, and teaching them about health and wellness.” Demitra Carter, a Communications Intern at Exos, also reflected that the day cemented “the importance of wellness, no matter what that looks like … not only the physical wellness, but also of taking care of your mind outside with a mental health break.” 

Our presence and work at CS 55X have blossomed over the last two years thanks to the care Principal Luis Torres takes for his students. On board to lead the WITS Play Day was Exos, an athletic company that believes in the power of positive coaching, wellness, and fitness training. And, NFL Jets linebacker and former Exos Combine athlete Quincy Williams came out to partner with the Exos team and engage the crowd in fun activities. We continue to be grateful for all of our partners who help bring healthy habits and an endless amount of fun to children and communities.