Meet WITS Coach Kit Greenberg


Over the summer, we welcomed Kit Greenberg to Wellness in the Schools. A force of kindness and charisma, Kit’s background and experiences are the perfect match for the WITS team: varsity diving at a national level, a Master’s degree in sports leadership underway, and a knack for visual art, among many other creative pursuits. She is thriving as a WITS Coach this school year and becoming a role model for many young students in NYC’s public schools. We are thrilled to introduce you to Kit in a lightly edited interview below. 

What brought you to Wellness in the Schools?

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a Marketing Degree, I immediately started my Master’s in Sports Leadership while interning as a strength and conditioning coach. I was an athlete throughout my life, specifically diving for Wisconsin. I value physical activity immensely and continuously see how the benefits are highly dimensional. As a long-time follower of Wellness in the Schools, I saw firsthand how Nancy has created sustainable changes throughout NYC and across the country. I wanted to be a part of that. 

Why are you so passionate about wellness? What does “wellness” mean to you?

Wellness isn’t limited to one thing. Wellness is a holistic integration of fueling the body, the mind, and the soul. I have always valued wellness greatly in my personal life. Each day I prioritize a culmination of activities that feel authentic to me. Whether that’s working out, cold plunging & sweating in a sauna, fueling my body through nutritious food, spending time with loved ones, or drawing & painting, I live my life by doing what brings me joy. I thank my mom for instilling that in me from an early age #whatbringsyoujoy. It is a privilege that I get to incorporate activities surrounded by like-minded passionate people. I am energized by my community and by the world of wellness. 

Recently graduated, you have spent a lot of time both in school and as a varsity athlete. What have you learned about balancing the two, and what advice would you give younger students who want to follow in your footsteps?

As a high-performing athlete, other sectors of life can fall to feeling unbalanced. It can start to feel like to live a balanced life, you have to sacrifice other areas, never maximizing your potential. Instead of succumbing to this idea, we can recognize it. Paying attention to what fulfills you can help you insert routines that take advantage of your strengths. You start to cultivate positive habits that require little energy, giving you more time to focus on the tasks you know you need to accomplish and even who you wish to become. 

I knew that some days were harder than others. It’s not easy. No one is saying it is. Recognize that as well. Take time to think about who you want to be and create an environment that energizes that idea. I found that surrounding myself with loved ones, carving out parts of the day to be alone, trying to walk into practice or work with energy and a smile no matter how I was feeling, as well as giving myself at least one ‘treat’ a day was crucial to my happiness. That ‘treat’ ranged from an almond milk latte and vegan cookie to treatment with Stef, my amazing athletic trainer at Wisconsin. It’s little things that make you smile amongst the crazy.

What project are you most looking forward to at Wellness in the Schools? Share a moment so far that you’re excited about building on in 2024. 

There isn’t one project I can pinpoint. Rather, I am regularly excited to give these kids more time to play and have fun. Promoting an environment that allows them to do that is important to me. It’s truly a gift when I see their faces light up when I walk into their classroom each week. Building a sustainable emphasis on physical and mental wellness in collaboration with nutritious food through wellness councils, committees, and events is the big picture. 

What is your favorite wellness practice?

In 2024 I have committed to stretching at least 10-15 minutes every day. I started incorporating it after my nightly 30-minute sauna. I’m trying to cold plunge a little too! 

What’s your favorite workout?

SoulCycle with a mixture of weightlifting and maybe a little pilates or even hot yoga! I love it all. The fitness community I have is the biggest part of it. 

What is your favorite meal or healthy snack to make?

I’m a BIG breakfast food girl. Avocado toast with eggs and Truff hot sauce is a go-to. Can’t go wrong with a doctored-up oatmeal or large breakfast burrito either.