Let Kids Play, and Let’s Move for Kids!

By: Wendy Siskin

January 2019

Through first-hand experience and personal testimonials from students, parents, and teachers, we have always believed that the Wellness in the Schools Coach for Kids program reinvents the outdoor recess experience, and gets kids more active. Our evaluation from Tisch Food Center shows strong data points that support and affirm this belief as truth. Our program leads to a 10-fold increase of activity levels, when recess is indoors due to inclement weather. Studies have also proven that our programming increases activity levels throughout the whole school day. The overall increase of positive play encourages and increases pro-social behaviors. Teachers have reported that there has been a significant decrease in the time it takes for students to be ready to learn, after returning to the classroom from a Wellness in the Schools lunch and recess.

As our Coach for Kids Flagship program continues to grow, and we continue to analyze its impact, we have been able to expand our reach with the pilot of our BootCamp program.  BootCamp is a district wide 3-day workshop, designed to train teachers and recess aides on how to provide more opportunities for movement. Our curriculum extensively covers topics such as how to create a healthy recess environment, and how to implement classroom fitness tools. Once trained, a Wellness in the Schools Coach provides weekly follow up support for the duration of the school year. School wellness leaders can change the culture of schools by developing a holistic plan for year-long wellness events and activities. The BootCamp program equips the school wellness leaders with these tools in a sustainable way.

With all the excitement around the Coach for Kids program and its success, the demand for the programming continues to rise. Our 2nd Annual Move for Kids fundraiser is around the corner. During the week of January 28th, fitness studios throughout NYC and Miami will be hosting charity classes with all proceeds going to bring Coach for Kids to a high-need school! Come join the fun, click here for more details, and sweat with us so we can get more kids moving!