Kelvin Gary, WITS Board Member and Fitness Fanatic


Kelvin Gary is an internationally recognized fitness expert, known as the “trainer’s trainer.” He continues to make his mark in New York City as one of the top fitness professionals; and is the Founder, CEO, and Head Coach of Body Space Fitness, a boutique personal training facility specializing in “Semi-Private” personal training. For the past decade, Kelvin has cultivated this space to pursue his love for helping others live a better life through fitness. 

Kelvin joined the WITS board last year and is a valuable voice as we help our students to create healthy habits every day through movement that feels good. Below is a lightly-edited interview with Kelvin.

What brought you to WITS? 

KG: I have long since wanted to find ways to give back within the fitness community. I had been speaking to many of my clients seeking opportunities, like those of Wellness in the Schools, to help bring everything that I’ve learned throughout my career together with educating and uplifting underserved communities. 

Why are you passionate about wellness? What does “wellness” mean to you?

KG: What I’m passionate about most is helping people understand “why” wellness is important. Then, giving the tools to know and do the “what” and “how” part. Wellness to me is having the optimal capacity to do whatever you want to your fullest ability — on the playing field or in the board room! 

You participated in our virtual Move For Kids event in 2021 — what was that like?

KG: Being an instructor for a Move For Kids event was awesome! It helps to become more in touch with the community and see what types of workouts get the group moving. 

What are you most looking forward to doing on the board with WITS in the future?

KG: I most look forward to contributing in a way that makes a difference and produces a tangible result. I also look forward to the day 10 years from now when a WITS kid comes back to tell us how we have changed his or her life. That’s what we’re here for.

What are some of your best fitness tips and practices for all ages?

KG: Move, Move, Move! N.E.A.T., or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, is our second biggest source of daily caloric expenditure. Also understanding that maintaining lean muscle mass and eating enough protein are both also super important to optimal performance. 

What is your favorite workout?

KG: Total Body Strength workouts are my favorite. Even a guy like me can be strapped for time, so a structured workout that hits many body parts works best for me. 

What is your favorite healthy meal or snack?

KG: My favorite healthy snack is Viking Waffles, which are high-protein, ready-to-eat waffles. They are good for being on the go. Also, I’m a big fan of beef jerky.