Extra Special Exos Coach Joins our Team

There is a significant truth to the saying, “Timing is Everything”! There is also truth in the saying, “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.” Both of these cliches play a role in the new addition to our WITS Coach for Kids program. As the world, and more specifically, our public schools across the nation, recover from the setbacks and challenges of the Covid pandemic, the need for wellness programming and access to resources are at an all-time high. Now that all schools are back in person, the ability for them to meet daily physical activity requirements and access consistent physical education remains challenging due to lack of time, space, and school staffing. 

During the pandemic, we pivoted our curriculum and school engagements to a virtual platform. And although we missed the impact of in-person lessons, we learned of the many benefits that a virtual platform offers. We learned that when students feel like they are part of something bigger than just their own classroom, they are inspired to engage more. We learned that students like the feeling of virtual connection. We learned that virtual programming helps students retain information, as they are able to track and replay lessons to help support their learning. We learned that the addition of a virtual engagement to in-person learning brings more teamwork into the classroom. 

Post-pandemic, schools are back in session, now equipped with an added skill that they didn’t have before; the tech-savvy knowledge and IT ability to easily stream virtual content directly into the classroom. 

As Wellness in the Schools has always proved itself to evolve with the times and meet schools where they are to provide the necessary solutions, this new and exciting partnership — Exos Coach for Good —  comes at the perfect time. As an addition to our Coach for Kids program, the Exos Coach for Good program provides public school classrooms with a virtual, consistent Exos Coach, Eric Dannenberg, who will facilitate daily interactive, engaging, competitive, and educational physical activity breaks. These daily classes engage students and teachers, they create healthy competitions between schools, they are age-specific, they focus on fun, movement, social, and emotional learning, and best of all, students are able to return back to their academic time focused and ready to learn.  “As a performance coach for the past 15 years who has worked with pro athletes, adults, and youth I have always said my favorite population is youth. The skill set I have acquired around Movement, Mindset, Nutrition, and Recovery techniques fits really well into the needs of the students. The ability to now not just influence and educate the 1-10 athletes in front of me but to influence and educate hundreds of youth at once becomes really powerful towards making individuals better people physically and mentally.” – Coach Eric Dannenberg, Exos Manager of Coach Education Virtual. As an incentive to all participating schools, a special in-person event will be awarded to the schools that participate in the most classes each quarter. 

With close to 50 years of combined experience in delivering wellness education & programming, Exos and Wellness in the Schools are partnering up to bring the Exos Coach for Good program to life through virtual on-demand and live-streamed Exos Fit classes in NYC Public Schools.