DeMarco Murray Named WITS Chief Athletic Officer


In our Winter newsletter earlier this year, Wellness in the Schools National Program Director Wendy Siskin outlined the ways in which the Coach for Kids program is Calling an Audible; taking what was learned over the past year, and coming back in September to reach new heights. 

One new addition to the Coach for Kids program is the role of Chief Athletic Officer. This role serves as the face of the Wellness in the Schools Coach for Kids program for schools across the country. There is nobody more fit for this role (literally!) than Wellness in the Schools Board Member and former NFL running back, DeMarco Murray. 

DeMarco Murray is a retired NFL Running Back who played for the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Tennessee Titans. He currently serves as the Running Backs Coach at his Alma Mater, Oklahoma University. Before retiring from the NFL in 2018, Murray was a 3x Pro Bowler, 2015 Player of the year, and All-Pro. With an inherent passion for health and fitness, DeMarco sought to invest and grow the national salad chain, Chopt Creative Salad Company. DeMarco’s passion for health and fitness is what led him to join the board of directors of Wellness in the Schools earlier this year, and makes him the perfect candidate for the Chief Athletic Officer role.

Over the next year, DeMarco will be helping to grow the Coach for Kids program in his role as Chief Athletics Officer. DeMarco is excited to be taking on his new role: “What attracted me to Wellness in the Schools was their sense of urgency to address children’s health, especially how they approach it in schools with both fitness and nutrition: Two very important things that have helped me along the way… I am very excited to help propel their mission as the Chief Athletic Officer and really make a difference!” 

But DeMarco brings more to the table than enthusiasm. His first-hand experience as the Running Back Coach at Oklahoma University proves that he is capable of getting the youth inspired to perform their best. By sharing coaching strategies with our WITS Coaches, the Coach for Kids program will have new material in its arsenal for the long-awaited return to the schoolyard. 

Perhaps most importantly, DeMarco understands that in order to perform your best, you have to give your body the fuel it needs. His investment in Chopt is a testament to his belief in whole healthy foods being a pivotal part of health and wellness. Furthermore, DeMarco loves to cook! And what is more akin to WITS than a coach who loves to cook? 

DeMarco shared a few of his favorite meals to keep him energized and ready for a full day of coaching and fitness: 

Breakfast: Proteins, veggies, and fruit. For example, I like egg whites, turkey sausage, and some grilled veggies.  

Lunch: Something light and green, a Chopt salad usually does the trick! 

Dinner: Usually a grilled fish (Branzino, Chilean sea bass, etc.) with veggies like asparagus or brussels sprouts. Throw in a caesar salad or crab cake, and I’m good to go! Of course, a brisket or steak is always a nice treat too! Especially if I make it!


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