Back to School, Back to Routine, Back to . . . Running the NYC Marathon?

Fall in New York is one of my favorite seasons.  As much as I love summer, its sense of freedom, and the hot weather (can’t take Florida out of the girl), by September, I welcome the order and routine.  And, I love back to school!  I love seeing the faces of the eager, yet sometimes anxious, young children who have that huge sense of wonder in their eyes.  I love watching them in the cafeteria devouring greens and raw veggies from the salad bar, or on the recess yard running around with their rosy cheeks and sweaty faces.  It is a happy time. This year, back to school for Wellness in the Schools means 4 states, 122 schools and over 60,000 children. Thanks to so many friends in our city, this year is unprecedented as all 1.1 million NYC children – from Pre-K through 12th grade – will have access to universal free school lunch. The importance of our work in partnership with the NYC DOE has catapulted!

We continue to grow and refine our programs, while also developing new methods of implementation that will help us to serve more schools and kids.  Read more in our CookCamp feature as a great example.

There is no better way to speed dial right into routine than to train for a race – the New York City Marathon, to be precise. With equal amounts of chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation and . . . . oh, running, I am training for the NYC marathon (again). I will run (again) with the Wellness in the Schools team.  I will run to end childhood obesity.  This year is particularly special because 4 of our 5 runners are WITS staff members!  As we grow, we do not need to look far for healthy, eager runners. Please meet our awesome team here  and support their efforts.

For me, this year is special because it feels like it might be my last marathon (at least in this decade). Gone are the days where I could decide on a Friday that I will run a marathon on a Sunday.  I nursed an injury all summer, and then started on my 10-week training program.  While I cannot promise the outcome, I can say that I am following my program with precision and determination – the kind I have not shown since college.  I need it.

I have been asked to share tips on how I keep up my training – year after year – as this has been my way of life (marathon or no marathon) for over 30 years now. Here’s how:

1)    Training keeps me happy, sane and centered. People ask how I stay in shape, and my answer is: “I want to stay happy; staying in shape is a by-product.”

2)    I meet a friend for a workout at least twice a week. This not only makes a workout fun and social, but it also forces me to get out of bed or get out on the road on a hard day. And, the problems we solve on those longs runs or bike rides….

3)    I sign up for races – even just for fun – with friends at all levels of competition, as something to work towards and to look forward to.  The party afterwards is always the best part. Again, I make it social.  We are all so busy, so we combine our desire to stay happy and healthy with our desire to be together and support each other.

4)    I literally look at my schedule each week and rearrange workouts (and even work calls or meetings) to make sure I get my exercise high.  I essentially prioritize a workout as much as I prioritize an important meeting.  Indeed, I am much better in that meeting if I am consistent with my workouts.

Many are already asking how they can support.  Thank you.  Click here to check out my fundraising page. I am open to wagers on my time.