Fitness Partners

Meet our Fitness Partners.
They always come in first place.

Equinox High Line’s partnership with WITS is not even one year deep, but the club’s enthusiastic commitment to our mission and programming has already allowed our relationship to flourish in incredible ways.

Equinox High Line first got involved with WITS by joining a Family Fitness Fun Night in Brooklyn during the 2017-18 school year. While their staff had a blast at the FFFN, they realized they needed a school a bit closer to home if they wanted to make a consistent impact. “Giving back to the community is always first and foremost one of our major drivers,” said Tier X Manager Tanya Vlakancic-Dajcic. “We wanted to get more involved and make a further impact as far as being there on a regular basis.” PS 20 on the Lower East Side was a perfect fit. Starting this past April through the end of the school year, Equinox High Line staff led monthly WITS Play Days at PS 20. Looking to the 2018-19 school year, Tanya says her staff hopes to build on the relationships they’ve already created at PS 20 by continuing with monthly programming.