Community Partners

Meet our Community Partners.
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Thanks to our new partnership with FoodPrints, Wellness in the Schools is now in Washington, D.C! Foodprints teaches gardening, nutrition and cooking to students using an academic approach in the classroom to get them excited to try delicious healthy food. As a successful organization started in 2009, FoodPrints wanted to continue to elevate their culinary and nutrition program by cooking new recipes for weekly FoodPrint days. As they began, they quickly realized they needed more support. Enter Wellness in the Schools. We were included in a USDA grant (our first) to help develop and execute the recipes in 10 cafeterias. WITS Chef Jami Bailey works at a different D.C. public school each day, supporting, training and empowering the kitchen staff while encouraging the kids to try the food and get them excited about scratch-cooked meals. Our relationship with FoodPrints has been a true partnership as we navigate the challenges and successes of bringing healthy meals to kids.