Community Partners

Meet our Community Partners.
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Over the last year, as Wellness in the Schools entered new markets, we have been eager to share our school lunch recipes with our new partners. However, each district and food provider has their own process, and recipes that work in NYC do not always adapt well in California, New Jersey, or Florida. One challenge we faced was ensuring that recipes are nutritionally appropriate in each new district, and with so many recipes to share nationally using an outside consultant was no longer an option. Our resident RDN, Ricardo Diaz started a search for a software system to vet our recipes in-house, and entered into a successful partnership with Meals Plus this April. Ricardo uploads our recipes to Meals Plus to receive a report on whether it meets the USDA standards (for example, salt, grain, and vegetable content). This tool not only saves time when introducing new recipes to our partners in NJ, Florida, and California, but it also allows new chef partners to adapt recipes from restaurant kitchens that will be acceptable in schools. Even better, Meals Plus generously offered their nutrient analysis software, training, and technical support at a significant discount. We can even create a dream menu that balances out nutritional requirements on a weekly basis. The overall vision is to create and share a cookbook with school districts and school food providers of WITS’ tried, tested, and approved recipes. This partnership opens up many more possibilities as we continue to grow our work across the country.