Participating Schools

Programs like these have been shown to positively influence children’s food preferences and behaviors.

Seminole Middle School, Broward County, Florida

Even though it’s our first year at Seminole Middle School, we feel at home. We truly owe that to the wonderful leadership of the school’s Cafeteria Manager, Bennie Haywood and his wonderful staff welcoming us from day one. Bennie’s enthusiasm and hands-on approach with the program has shown that he is always looking to do more. After finishing (and voicing he had a great experience) with Cook Camp last year in June, he placed his order for the Wellness in the School’s Vegetarian Chili his first week back! Seminole Middle School is the first school to launch WITS Chili, and boy, it went quickly. We’re looking forward to making Seminole Middle School a healthier place for children to learn and grow.