Participating Schools

Programs like these have been shown to positively influence children’s food preferences and behaviors.

Lu Sutton Elementary, Novato, California

Wellness in the Schools started at Lu Sutton Elementary, located in Novato County California, in 2015 with our very first Kale Lab. At the time, Chef Hollie, now our WITS West Program Director, licensed the WITS Lab curriculum. It didn’t take long for Lu Sutton’s principal to fall in love with the program, and word spread as the principal started telling her fellow colleagues in the district about Wellness in the Schools. We were soon asked by three schools to bring the Labs to them, and the program continued to grow within their schools. We are now teaching at eight elementary schools in California. As the first school to adopt our Labs, we credit Lu Sutton for this growth and Chef Hollie for making it happen. “It is such a joy to teach here! We love to pilot new ideas at this school, like our new Broccoli Salad for spring and Curry Cauliflower Soup coming in December,” she says.