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WITS Featured Chef Partner

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Chef Jehangir Mehta

Charming and creative with a flair for finesse and perfection, that’s chef Jehangir Mehta at his best. A participant in Food Network’s Next Iron Chef Redemption 2012, the runner-up at the Next Iron Chef 2009, a participant in the Iron Chef America and a guest on Martha Stewart Living, chef Mehta has built quite a fan following! Chef Mehta’s love for spices and exaltation of fresh ingredients is represented at each of three Manhattan restaurants, Graffiti, Me & You, and Mehtaphor. His other passion, helping children enjoy food and eat healthfully, shows through his extensive philanthropic efforts.

Chef Mehta is a culinary leader in supporting healthy eating and culinary education for young people. Ten years ago he launched his own series of private cooking class for children, since then he has worked with Whole Foods Market on a nationwide program called “Kids Food Adventure with Chef Jehangir”, Scholastic, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and the Kids Food Festivals, among others. However, he is known best for his own children’s initiative; “Gastro Kids After School”, a program, that runs at Mehtaphor, and for the work he does as a Chef Partner to Wellness in Schools and the students of PS 107 in Brooklyn.

Chef Mehta is extremely active at PS 107, where he uses his culinary skills and his ability as a showman to get kids’ to tune in about the benefits of healthy eating and cooking from scratch. He is a regular participant at the school’s annual Harvest Festival and always brings exciting and creative dishes for students to sample at his WITS Café Days. Chef Mehta is a supporter of WITS because he shares the belief that children should be exposed to healthful eating behaviors and culinary education from the time they are young. He feels that doing so shapes their palate for a future of culinary adventures and helps them develop a life long habit of healthy eating.

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