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WITS Featured Chef Partner

Ellie Krieger, Author/TV Host

Well known as the host of Food Network's hit show Healthy AppetiteEllie Krieger has become a leading go-to nutritionist in today's media. She is a registered dietician and nutritionist who earned her bachelors of science in clinical nutrition from Cornell University and her master's in nutrition education from Teacher's College Columbia University. Ellie has appeared on dozens of national television shows like TodayGood Morning America and Dr. Oz, and has been featured in magazines including Better Homes and GardensPeopleSelf, and more.  

Our featured Chef Partner is also a James Beard award winning andNew York Times best selling cookbook author, and columnist for Fine CookingFood Network magazine and USA Today. Her career launching first book, Small Changes Big Results, is a how-to on achieving life long health. Just recently, she has released a highly acclaimed new cookbook Weeknight Wonder: Delicious Healthy Dinners in 30 Minutes or Less.      

Ellie serves as a WITS Chef Partner to PS75 in Manhattan, where she instills her personal mission to "help people learn how to enjoy delicious, healthy food".  An active participant in our WITS Cafe Days, she led several interactive cooking demos that engaged students and encouraged healthy alternatives to lunchtime favorites. "They're trying kale salad and enjoying it" she says "and they're trying things that they may never would have tried before". Ellie gives the students at PS 75 the motivation to create long-term healthy habits and we are proud to have her as a Chef Partner. 

"What's happening with Wellness in the Schools is such a wonderful thing for me to be a part of. It's so consistent with my personal mission and I know it's making a big difference ", says Ellie.