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Our Chef Partners

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Chef partnership is a critical part of the success of the Cook for Kids program. Chefs are the champions of our program not only by lending us their names and culinary skills, but also by connecting with our students, who look to them as mentors and role models. Chef Partners visit their schools 3-4 times a year for promotional WITS Café Days where they lead a special activity, cooking demonstration, or tasting for students. WITS Café Days allow the Chef Partners to show off their skills and creativity and are inspirational for the students, school staff, and WITS Team. WITS Café Days also provide an opportunity for the Chef Partner to connect one-on-one with students and enable them to make an individual impact with each young person they meet. To become a Chef Partner, contact Ting Chang.

Acqua Restaurant and Wine Bar, Ivan Beacco
Jonathan Waxman
BR Guest, Gabby Barikian
Butter, Alex Guarnaschelli
Candle Cafe and Candle 79, Joy Pierson
Dean Sheremet, Professional Chef
Dos Caminos, Ivy Stark
Ellie Krieger, Professional Chef and Registered Dietitian
Egg, George Weld
Farmigo, Katie Gillett
Food by Bev, Bev Roche
Gramercy Tavern, Michael Anthony
Green Table, Mary Cleaver
Henry’s, Henry Rinehart
Jenny McCoy, Professional Chef
Juice Generation, Eric Helms
Lure Fishbar, Josh Capon
Mehtaphor, Jehangir Mehta 
Murray's Cheese, Ellizabeth Chubbuck
Natural Gourmet Institute, Ann Nunziata
Nourish Kitchen + Table, Marissa Lippert
Patina Restaurant Group, Christopher DeLuna
Print Restaurant, Charles Rodriguez
Restaurant North, Eric Gabrynowicz and Stephen Mancini
Sam Crocker, Professional Chef
SPE Certified, Allison Aaron and Kristy Del Coro
Telepan, Bill Telepan
Tertulia, El Colmado, Gil Avital and Seamus Mullen
The Little Beet, Andy Duddleston and Franklin Becker
Union Square Hospitality Group, Christina Tobia, Tess Delbyck, Jason Pfeifer