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WITS Featured Fitness Partner

Kershel Anthony

Kershel Anthony, Kerboomkidz


Known for his charismatic and magnetic personality, choreographer and multitalented entertainer Kershel Anthony has been commanding the dance world with his distinctive moves for over twenty years. Raised on Long Island New York, Kershel started dancing at the age of five. By ten he was performing in his school talent shows and continued to immerse himself in the performing arts throughout high school.


Kershel studied Dance at Hofstra University, focusing on hip-hop, ballet, modern, and breakdancing. He gets inspiration from spreading his love and expertise of dance at various schools and gyms across New York State and beyond.


With over 15 years of experience teaching and working with kids, Kershel saw the rising obesity levels and decreasing fitness habits of kids around him and became determined to fuse together his passion for dance with his love of fitness. Kershel recreated his dance and fitness routines in a way that any child could would be comfortable in his class, even if they never danced before, which is how Kerboomkidz was born. Kerboomkidz purpose is to help America's kids live a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only does it strengthen the muscles, but also it aims to stimulate and strengthen the mind. "Kerboomkidz gives children of all ages, the opportunity to learn to dance and to discover their love of dance," says Kershel.


Kershel discovered WITS through WITS Coach for Kids Director Wendy Siskin. "As soon as she said 'Hello' I felt her energy and knew we were going to do fun things together," says Kershel. As a WITS Fitness Partner, Kershel and Kermboomkidz join WITS Coaches on the recess yard to lead vigorous and exciting activities with students. Kershel also supports WITS by being a Fitness Partner at many Family Fitness Fun Nights, inspired evenings where students and their families get to exercise and enjoy a communal meal together with WITS.


"There are so many great moments I've had working with WITS," says Kershel, "But my favorite was at a recent FFFN: A young shy girl came over to where we were dancing, she looked so timid. At first it didn't look at all like she was having fun, but then all of a sudden she came out to the dance floor and broke it down in front of everyone-including older High School students! She didn't care who was watching or what they might think, she danced her butt off and that is what its all about. Having fun and enjoying yourself."