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Play Rugby USA (PRUSA)


Founded in 2003, Play Rugby USA (PRUSA) strives to achieve “a better world through rugby”, using the sport as a positive tool to build strength and confidence in boys and girls of all ages and abilities. CEO and Founder Mark Griffin founded PRUSA with a passion and vision that purposeful delivery of sports (and specifically rugby) could provide disconnected young people with opportunities to change their lives for the better. PRUSA began as a small team of volunteers coaching homeless children on the weekends. “I could see how incredibly engaged and thankful the kids were to be part of a program that cared about them,” says Griffin, “The experience was so rewarding to me that in 2006 I quit my banking job, hired a Program Manager (still with us today), and the two of us started developing partnerships with schools and youth organizations across NYC.”


Today PRUSA has partnered with over 325 program partners, including Wellness in the Schools, and has served over 15,000 youth. WITS and PRUSA collaborate by providing co-training opportunities for our Coaches and combining WITS Coach for Kids program with PRUSA’s after school activities. "Working with WITS is such a natural fit. Both PRUSA and WITS just get it that once you get kids running around and having fun with quality coaches, this is going to help them develop and then practice healthy habits,” says Kip O’Rourke-Brown, Senior Program Director. PRUSA also partners with WITS for our Family Fitness Fun Nights (FFFNs), introducing rugby to our parents and community members so that they can join in the fun with their kids!