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WITS Featured Fitness Partner

WITS Featured Fitness Partner
Tsahi Shemesh, International Krav Maga


Tsahi Sheremesh and the International Krav Maga Federation(IKM) will be joining the WITS team in the Fall as a Fitness Partnerand to offer a Scholarship Program to one lucky school. In addition to visiting the school for special WITS Play Days throughout the year, IKM will provide four students with the opportunity to join their in-house training program. The NYC IKM center will liaise with the students' teachers to make sure their school-work stays strong and will commit to helping them grow both physically and mentally.

Tsahi, an Expert level II in Krav Maga, began his training in Israel in 1990, where he served the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a combat solider and commander in paratroopers brigade. In 2007, Tsahi successfully graduated the Wingate Institute Instructor Course; Israel's National Center for Education and Sport, and completed the Krav Maga Instructors Course certified by the International Krav Maga Federation. In 2009, Tsahi achieved his Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Management from the Open University and a year later relocated to the United States to establish the Krav Maga NYC branch of IKM. Tsahi is the IKM Chief Instructor in the United States.

Tsahi teaches children in-house and at schools, adults, law enforcement personnel and US military personnel. Besides IKM's ongoing full-time program, Tsahi and his team also lead various projects including workshops at Columbia University, Pace University, NYU, EMT and NYPD trainings, and contributory workshops to domestic violence organizations. Tsahi's vision is to make Krav Maga accessible to all sectors of society regardless of age, fitness level or professional background because self-empowerment and the right to safety - belong to us all. "Although the training is physical, the lesson is about social and personal values," says Tsahi. The kids in our program "learn to be the friend they want to have."

The IKM NY Vision

Nowadays violence occurs more and more often and our New York Krav Maga training proposes a simple solution to deal with this increasing problem. We believe that acquiring the skill to defend one's self is as important as possessing basic CPR knowledge; they can both save a life. Each and every one of us has the right to live in peace, relative safety and dignity. IKM's vision is to inspire kids to acquire self defense skills, in order to avoid the need to use them. We give them tools to achieve goals, own their actions (both when succeeding and when not succeeding) and to want to do and be better everyday. Self-discipline is a big part of it. Our self-defense training starts with awareness and with learning how to avoid situations that may not be safe. The practice of "tool box" skills allows them to respond properly and learn to deescalate situations. Youth self defense training assists children is getting stronger, both physically and mentally while teaching them the values of friendship and leadership.